Hope in God, not in perishable things

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A while ago I lost my ring, or it was stolen. I have no idea what happened to it. All I know is that I don’t have my ring anymore. Then I was very confronted with how to handle this because it wasn’t just any ring, it was my engagement ring. I was blown away because this ring has so much sentimental value to me and now it’s gone.

I also realized then that this ring is not something permanent. I’ll have to leave my ring when I go to heaven.

Then I remembered seeing a video of a scientist talking about precious jewellery. In it he told that in the past 100 years they had developed pure light. Pure light is polarized light on top of each other, or as we call it, laser light. Laser light is the purest form of light. What I found so interesting about what he said is that they discovered that one of two things can happen when they shine laser light on precious jewels:

  1. Anisotropic jewels, under pure light, show all the colors of the rainbow – the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
  2. Isotropic jewelry, under pure light, just turns black – nothing but a lump of coal dust.

Did you know that anisotropic jewels are the stones that the high priest had on his breastplate?

It is also those jewels, as described in Revelation 21, on which the New Jerusalem will be built. Who else could know this but God alone? Scientists didn’t know this, because there was no pure light 2000 years ago.

The things that God values ​​are not the same as those that the world values. The world has made diamonds and rubies so expensive and precious. But do you know that those are isotropic jewels? They are jewels that turn into a clump of coal dust under pure light! Isn’t that interesting?

When I lost my ring, I remembered this and thought to myself, “You know what I’m going to do? I’m not going to lose my joy, my hope, and my peace over a lump of coal dust. I seek my joy and peace in eternal things.”

Does that mean we can’t have these things? Of course not. However, we should never hold them so tightly that we come to believe that they give us that hope and joy in our hearts that we long for. Because if we find our hope and joy in things that perish, that means they can easily be taken from us too.

I pray that our hopes may be built upon Jesus’ blood and righteousness. He is our living hope.

So, girls, keep your eyes on Jesus and His finished work on the cross. Do not value the perishable things of this world.

Much love,
Ps. Tara

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