Learning from the Examples of Biblical Women

Gracious Daughters 2023-4393

Dear Beloved Gracious Daughters, 

Warmest greetings to you in the light of a brand-new day! Today, we want to share a message that celebrates our journey as women who embrace the new, leaving behind the past and moving forward in the direction God has set before us. 

As gracious daughters, we have the privilege of leaving behind what no longer serves us and stepping into the fresh grace and possibilities that await us.

We’re not going back, we’re moving ahead… God is doing a new thing! This proclamation echoes with the stories of remarkable women in the Bible who faced challenges, embraced change, and chose to move forward into God’s plan. One such example is Rahab. 

Rahab, a woman from the city of Jericho, is an inspiring illustration of leaving the past behind and stepping into a new future. As a former prostitute, Rahab could have been defined by her past. However, when the Israelite spies entered Jericho, Rahab’s faith led her to make a bold decision. She chose to hide the spies and seek protection under the God of Israel. Her courage to embrace the new and align herself with God’s people led to her salvation and inclusion in the lineage of Jesus Christ. 

Another example is Ruth, who faced the loss of her husband and chose to accompany her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to Bethlehem. Ruth’s decision to leave behind her homeland and embrace Naomi’s God ultimately led to her becoming a vital part of Jesus’ lineage. Through her faithfulness and commitment to the new path God was guiding her on, Ruth found blessings beyond her imagination. 

As we reflect on these stories, let’s remember that just as God guided Rahab and Ruth, He is guiding us as well. Our gracious daughters’ journey is marked by hope, renewal, and purpose. We’re not defined by our past mistakes or limitations. Instead, we’re defined by God’s love, grace, and the potential He has placed within us. 

Let’s heed the call to leave behind what no longer serves us – doubts, regrets, fears – and embrace the promise of this new day. Let’s be encouraged by the stories of Rahab, who stepped out in faith, and Ruth, who embraced a new life. As we move forward, we do so with the assurance that God is doing a new thing in each of our lives.

May we find strength in unity, inspiration in these biblical examples, and confidence in God’s unchanging love. Let’s step into this new day with hearts open to the possibilities, trusting that we are not going back; we are moving ahead into the beautiful story God is writing for each one of us. 

With love and anticipation for what lies ahead, 

The Gracious Daughter’s team.

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