We are blessed to be a blessing. It is our heart, as Gracious Daughters, to have an impact on the world around us, to feed, help and educate wherever we can.


Mamma Sanny was blessed with a brand new fully functional mobile kitchen for her business. Feeding is still continuing through Jesus Cares


Over 100 solar lights valued at R600 each were distributed across Johannesburg.


This year we are sowing into two project to help women. Menstrual cups, buy one, sow one and Rise up. Read more underneath.

We are the hands and feet of Jesus, showing the world that Jesus Cares.

Menstrual cup

This year we are sowing into women’s lives by having over 500 menstrual cups available to buy immediately to sow into a woman’s life.

The ‘Ava’ menstrual cup is made of the highest quality medical grade silicone that is widely applied in medical care products. The menstrual cup lasts up to 10 years, it’s eco-friendly, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Let’s be a blessing to women and make a difference by restoring their lives and giving back their dignity. Buy one, Sow one.

Rise up

A mentorship Movement

RISE UP is a mentorship movement of mother-doves on the rise!

There are many gifted young women amongst us. Some with a lot of potential and gifting, as well as a firm calling on their lives.

However these young ladies have no financial support or anyone to mentor them. They also don’t have anyone to affirm their identity in Christ and speak life over them.

RISE UP was initiated to facilitate the connection between mother-doves and God’s daughters, to assist in setting these young ladies up on a journey to their God-given potential.

A meal changes one day, but mentorship and education changes a person’s life and their family’s lives for generations to come.

RISE UP helps young women who are in need in the following three areas:

  • Sponsorship
  • Mentorship
  • Internship

Women can sponsor funds, apply to be a mother-dove or apply to share some of the skills they have to educate young women.

On the other hand young women who have the above needs are invited to apply for help care and assistance.

There is a pastor’s process in place as well as a journey that we will take each individual on, both for mother doves and daughters.