Jesus Cares

There is such a big need in the world right now. With Covid and lockdowns happening all over the world, people are suffering, people are hopeless, families are in great need. For many, hope feels completely lost. But Hope is a person, and His name is Jesus. He is our Hope, our ETERNAL HOPE.

Gracious daughters, together with Jesus Cares, are currently active with initiatives in 3 different countries around the world to bring HOPE into hopeless situations (see the videos below).

YOU can play a part in sowing and bringing HOPE to people around the world!

Jesus Cares – South Africa

Jesus Cares – Netherlands

Jesus Cares – Brazil

How YOU can help!

 Gracious Daughters is aiming to make a 100 of these incredible BAGS OF HOPE per country.

You can partner with us and sponsor a BAG OF HOPE to make a difference in a life at the cost of

  • R250 in South Africa (REFERENCE SA – BAG OF HOPE)
  • 20 Euros in the Netherlands (REFERENCE NL – BAG OF HOPE)
  • 20 Dollars in Brazil (REFERENCE BZ – BAG OF HOPE)




Payment Options

South Africa

Eradicate period poverty and bring awareness.

Teens and women that have no solution for any sanitary products have been making use of Newspapers or old items of clothing stuffed with sand for absorption, which can lead to infections.
This is a monthly reality for many ladies, young and old.

Allowing these women to use a menstrual cup will help and last them up to 10 years!
The menstrual cup is cost effective, eco-friendly and so much more hygenic.
Educational and instructional training on how to use a menstrual cup is included.

Sadly, SA has the highest rape statistic in the world,
and is currently on the rise. We will also be including a rape whistle for the women. This is in case of an emergency the button can be activated when in danger and will alert the surroundings and scare off predators.

Join us in painting SA red with this “RED MOVEMENT” and make a difference in a woman’s life.

Bag of Hope - R250 (cost per bag)
  • A Gracious Daughter branded cosmetic bag with our GD 2021 Scripture
  • Menstrual cup
  • Rape whistle
  • Lip balm
  • Chocolate
  • Psalm 91 card
  • Invite to Redemption Church and a Gracious flyer.


Show love, spread hope and share grace.

Due to COVID-19, from mid-March 2020, the sex clubs, streetwalker zone and the Red Light District was closed and sex workers were prohibited from working. As a result, they lost all their income.

Many sex workers are still without work or income. The corona crisis has enabled us to make many new contacts with sex workers who get stuck in prostitution. We notice that the personal contact we offer is especially important for the women to open up.

We believe it’s a great opportunity in the Netherlands to affirm women of their worth in Jesus. That they are a beloved daughter, accepted and approved.

We can do this by giving each women a care pack.

Bag of Hope - €20 (cost per bag)
  • Psalm 91 card
  • A beautiful HOPE bracelet
  • Beauty products (hand cream, body butter)
  • Tea
  • Chocolate
  • Invite to Redemption Church and a Gracious flyer


Share His Heart
Be His hands.

The Pandemic hit hard in Brazil. Many people have lost their jobs and the basic salary wages are currently extremely low compared to the extremely high costs of living. People are struggling to survive and to feed their families.

We want to ensure that families are fed, looked after and bring hope in the middle of hopelessness.

We are able to do this by giving families of 4-5 members a food parcel that can feed them for a whole month!

Bag of Hope Content - $20 (cost per bag)
  • 1 chocolate powder
  • 10 kgs rice
  • 1 pack chocolate cookies
  • 1 pack of vanilla cookies
  • 1 pack of coffee
  • 1 kg of flour
  • 3 kg of brown beans
  • 2 packs of milk powder
  • 1 pack of spaghetti noodles, 1 pack of regular noodles
  • 2 cans tomato sauce
  • 2 liters of oil
  • 1 pack of toilet paper
  • 3 bars of soap
  • 1 pack of salt
  • 1 Vinegar