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Jill van Opstal

I just want to say thank you Jesus for the Gracious Daughters conference, for the word being so beautifully taught by different women from all over the world.  Thank you Pastor Tara for encouraging us and including us from Brazil in such a deep way while many were experiencing difficulties here during these dark days.   Thank you Pastor Cody and Zanitha- working together with you doing Gracious Daughters BR has been such a blessing to us. I thank the Lord that when we fix our eyes on Jesus, we have hope as an anchor.  Love you all!!


I’m busy doing the war room now and I just wanted to write to you and tell you how much it is blessing me. I am busy recovering from covid, but my family has started with symptoms today, so I was feeling so anxious and I just felt the Lord lead me to.

Samantha Griffiths

What an amazing conference and message!!! Thank you amazing ladies. I watched from New Zealand, a South African through and through who has moved continents and really miss you all. So good to see so many familiar faces. I spent many days at Redemption South Africa and you were my family. You held me through my brokenness and very difficult times. God has blessed me and my family and we are now in a new season and tuning in to Gracious daughters has been a reminder of Gods Goodness and how we need to live today in HOPE, not missing any moment and be present as He has everything under control. Thank you for the powerful message and Thank God for technology that I can tune in.

Phumi Mtembu

I had forgotten to believe that what God said to me would come to pass…. not just in part, but the fullness of His promise! I am actually struggling to write this testimony because Ps. Tara’s word left me speechless. Such a word in season! So much oil! I still feel like crying. I have a toddler so if took me 3 days to watch the conference and take notes and really lean in. Our Pastor is formidable! A vessel of Grace and true power! I remembered to believe! I remembered that Blessed is She Who Believes! Being ministered to by a woman who has lived what she shares… what a blessing! The tangible presence of God was felt from moment 1! Words fail me!

Thank you Pastor Tara and the whole team!

Zoleka Ngwenya

Before the conference I was not in a good place. I was feeling down and not hopeful but watching the conference and hearing the beautiful and wonderful words that were spoken I was reminded that no matter what is happening or not happening around me, if I look to Jesus and put my hope in Him then I can function from peace and an excitement was sparked in me to keep believing and keep hoping! I’ve been truly blessed beyond measure. And oh wow the war room was truly something great to experience.


Thank you so much for the Gracious Daughters Conference, for your obedience to bring it forward.

It was so powerful even through a phone screen – the Holy Spirit knows no barriers!

My heart was stirred afresh …. not a tickle, but in a sustained way. Hope arose in my heart, and I’ve found my voice and confidence again. (Renewed confidence in Jesus). 

Covid has wearied and exhausted everyone, but I just felt a renewed nudge to hold on and tenaciously keep going. To look up and to look out.

We’re in Scotland and I feel a beautiful connection with South Africa.  

Hope renewed and arising is a beautiful thing, and changed lives change lives. 

I’m so grateful. Stay rooted in hope and keep going strong. Thank you xxx

Cindy Osborne

In the weeks leading up to Gracious Daughters Conference 2021 I felt so stranded. Asking God for light to shine on my steps each day, looking back now I can see how He held me every step of the way.
My anxiety had been much worse and I felt silenced inside,  but God gave me the song Wait on me, I sang it almost non stop and held only to the verse She believed that God would keep His promise. Heb 11:11…

As Conference started God broke light into everything for me.
The worship songs just broke the ground and let me know He had me all along.
My anxiety had been resolved,  changed to Hope.
And the very word God gave me He said over and over in the Conference. She believed.
Thank you Ps Tara for letting us ALL enter into this Conference to have a one on one date with our Daddy God.

Like such a loving Father he prepared everything for us to experience him non stop.

I’ve repeatedly rewatched the Conference gaining more love and acceptance every time.
My brokenness is for His Glory to shine. He loves me. He loves me so much.

Gd2021 shifted me. I am Eternally grateful for being able to be Eternally Hopeful.

HopeFILLED xxx

Tara McCauley

When God placed the theme of  this conference in my spirit and on my heart i knew we had to quicken the timing  and not wait untill the end of the year.  I believed this conference would breathe hope into each and every girl / women that would watch.  When putting a conference together  to bless others you can sometimes take yourself out of being a recipient, but watching this conference back,  all of it  was for me just as much as everyone else. So grateful to the Lord for this and what He spoke through each every voice spoken at gracious daughters conference this year! Feeling Blessed !! HOPE has a name,  it’s JESUS!!

Candice Camacho

I know conference has blessed my heart! I have such a hopeful expectation for what’s ahead! I know I am loved approved and appointed.

Phindile Mathabathe

I discovered my identity in Christ Jesus at Gracious Daughters Conference. Learned who I am and Whose I am. I’m HIS beloved daughter whom He is well pleased in and that I am righteous … also nothing I do can change the way He feels about me

Rieneke den Haan

Last Wednesday me and a small group of women watched session 3 and 4 together.

I was having chronic pain in my leg since the beginning of May. It hurt day and night from my ankle up to above my knee. Disturbing me in my work, sports and just functioning all around the house.

When in session 4 someone prayed for healing of mental and physical healing, I noticed my leg was touched. It still hurt, but something was happening.
The next morning I woke up without pain, but kind of expecting it to return as soon as I had to walk down the stairs, then ride my bike or car… But nothing happened. Not even after a full busy day… And not after a full day of work on Friday.
It’s Sunday now and I can really really really testify that the Lord has healed my leg pain!! Praise Him!

Caroline Smit

My Father God has taken such beautiful care of my family over the last while. My husband has not received a salary since the beginning of lockdown, and yet we have been miraculously, unexplainably been able to pay all our bills and have more than we needed. He really is our provider and cares about every detail of our lives.

Faith Manzini

Walking a journey in grace has revealed so much of God’s love for me like never before! I was stuck doing Everything for God and not seeing what God did for me on the cross through Jesus! I love that I now see myself as His gracious daughter whom He loves! My life is forever changed.


I understood why all this happened when it has. I offered the ladies an opportunity to watch with me, they shared their prayer requests and I was able to pray for them. What an amazing evening of fellowship and being able to be a vessel of hope. 🥰lots of love from the ladies in my ward and I.❤️

Tash Collings

Our God is so awesome and such a good, good Father a Daddy that takes care of ALL our burdens and whatever matters to us matters to God ❤️ We have experienced miracles in our lives by just trusting completely in our Daddy that He will and wants to take care of us in every area of our lives ❤️ Gracious Daughters has impacted my life, my daughter, my sister, family,  friend’s, neighbours and colleagues lives ❤️ The change, joy, peace and hope in their eyes are priceless ❤️ We give God all the glory 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


I have noticed how unimpressed God was with my questions, seeking, or inability. Patient as He is He took me on His walk to a new perspective for me. The moments when I felt “crushed”, our Father helped me see where we were walking together… what would be the result of my being and staying connected to Him and to (the people in) His church: renewed passion for the things that God made me for and called me.

I believe that He also calls you for a place, a task, impact… get fulfillment by going (or continuing to) walk in what He has planned and prepared for you! Keep your eyes forward…. Walking straight with Him… That’s the Best you can do!