11 June 2021

Cindy Osborne

In the weeks leading up to the Gracious Daughters Conference 2021, I felt so stranded. Asking God for light to shine on my steps each day, looking back now I can see how He held me every step of the way.

My anxiety had been much worse and I felt silenced inside,  but God gave me the song Wait on me, I sang it almost non-stop and held only to the verse She believed that God would keep His promise. Heb 11:11…

As Conference started God broke light into everything for me.

The worship songs just broke the ground and let me know He had me all along.
My anxiety had been resolved,  changed to Hope.

And the very word God gave me He said over and over in the Conference. She believed.

Thank you Ps Tara for letting us ALL enter into this Conference to have a one on one date with our Daddy God.

Like such a loving Father he prepared everything for us to experience him non stop.

I’ve repeatedly rewatched the Conference gaining more love and acceptance every time.

My brokenness is for His Glory to shine. He loves me. He loves me so much.

Gd2021 shifted me. I am Eternally grateful for being able to be Eternally Hopeful.

HopeFILLED xxx

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