Declare the risen King

The story of Mary Magdalene really caught my attention 2 years ago after an experience at the Garden Tomb, when God started speaking to me through her story.

I love the series “The Chosen”, because right from the beginning you see Mary being delivered and becoming a follower of Jesus, which means she walked the same terrains the men did with Jesus and was very much a part of His teachings to the disciples. Yet Jewish culture of the day would have meant she still had to prepare meals at the end of the day. Surprised that we as women can multitask? Certainly not in the Bible from Mary’s experience. But it’s at the tomb after Jesus was buried that it gets interesting! The Bible tells us in the gospels that she went down early in the morning to the tomb with the other women and ran back telling the disciples that the Lord was not in the tomb. ‘HE IS RISEN!’ This meant prophecy was fulfilled. When the tomb was examined by Peter and the others it was found empty and they left, but in the book of John it tells us that Mary remained and stood there weeping. The angels appeared to her and spoke to her and when Jesus first spoke to her, she thought He was the gardener. But upon calling her by her name, she recognized Him and ran towards Him. This line speaks of our identity in Christ; He called her, she recognized God’s voice and ran to Him! The first mention of the ‘Father’ in the Bible after the resurrection was to Mary, for Jesus told her: “Do not touch me, I go to My Father and your Father”. This speaks of intimacy with our Daddy Who we have direct access to. Our Daddy God revealed to Mary that she was a daughter of the Most High God, because of His Son Jesus’ words to her ‘My Father and your Father’. Mary then returned to the disciples speaking about her experience and declaring The Risen Christ! This passage has taught me so much in speaking and declaring the finished work of Christ and the power of the resurrection we have accessible to us. As women especially, we need to declare this over every area of our lives and beyond. We need to take authority in the Spirit and speak and declare the things that we want to see!

Is it any wonder that we love to talk; but talking and speaking about the RIGHT things is where we build ourselves and those around us up! Let’s not get caught up in the mundane. Mary herself could have done that, because when she was looking for Jesus, her intention was to put His body back in the tomb. But having the experience of seeing The Risen Christ, she went and spoke of Him being alive! Today we have the choice; speak of the finished work and the resurrection or live in the feeling of wanting to put His body back in the tomb. The choice is ours, Daughters of a Risen King.

Love and Grace to you,


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